We realize that audit & accounts is multi disciplined profession which requires skills and qualities from wide variety of areas. Our employees exhibit strong interpersonal, professional, technical abilities and culture of our organisation. We believe that through the development of these skills, one can attain highest level of success in our organisation.

At PRM & Co., we recognise that our strength and success stems from performance of our people and therefore we strive to create culture that strives for learning and individual development and growth for all members of our team.

In our contineous commitment to provide our clients with highest quality professional service, we seek to attract capable, intelligent and motivated people in our organisation. A commitment to professional achievement and personal integrity is essential.


We offer exciting career opportunities for the following candidates –

- Chartered Accountants

- Intermidiate / IPCC passed articles

- Articles

Candidates shall possess :

- Good communication & reporting skills

- Working knowledge of computers

- Strong interpersonal skills to deal with clients and team members.

Interested candidates may apply online or alternatively write to – info@camandhane.com